Project Goal

Design wireframe and information architecture to facilitate volunteer sign up and donations.

Role: UX Designer
Project Type: Web Design
Team: Jason Lam, Lydia Lo, Jennifer Smith
Contribution: Card Sorting, Wireframes, Low-fi Prototype.
Deliverable: Website Mockup



Shanghai Sunrise (SHSR) raises funds for high school, university and college scholarships to Shanghai area students from poor, working families. As they begun to expand, they were interested in building a website to help build brand awareness, reach potential volunteers, and facilitate donations. 



To help familiarize myself with the stakeholders and the interests of the end users, I began with interviewing the management team to discover their needs. After several meetings with the marketing director, the executive director, and the volunteer coordinator; I helped prototype the information architecture and user interface design. 

card sorting and USER FLOWS

Through my interviews, I discovered the key stakeholders were possible donors and volunteers. To maximize the usability for these two groups, I conducted a card sorting sessions with potential users. Using this information, I built a site map, which I further expanded into user flows. 

wireframes and prototyping

Once I was able to determine the main user flows, I began to design several possible layouts which I tested with users and the internal team. Using their feedback, I provided screens of the final design for the developer.

learning lesson

test early, test often

As a western designer creating a site for an international audience, I was aware of my potential bias and was lucky enough to work with a team who had access to willing and helpful users.The card sorting and prototyping helped lay the foundation of the information architecture. This proved vital in driving the UI design forward. If given more time, I would have enjoyed conducting several A/B tests using the live site to discover the specific changes that could improve action on the site.